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Cost and Time Savings

Cost and Time Savings

With a choice of over 400 airlines (including web airlines), 76,000 hotels; 28 car rental companies and millions of pounds of buying power you will always receive the very best pricing options.

We are well placed in the industry to have the best deals with all our suppliers. But that’s not all: we also compare a range of other options, so you don’t miss out on the very best price for your itinerary.

Overall our customers saved 52% against full published fares. However, perhaps the most telling comparison for a year on year saving is the average 13.5% against the fares they purchased the previous year.

Don’t think good service can’t make savings too as our new customers have managed to save on average 27% on their current fees.

We calculate that we save the average customer 2 hours for every booking — if you make 20 trips a year that is 5 working days saved.

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